Designing for public action…

Public Action - INFLUENCE!SG

We work closely and privately with multinational brands, philanthropic foundations and movement entities around the country and world.

Together, we design moments, movements and campaigns that persuade the public to act.

Current Studio Projects

Higher Education and Social Purpose

Devising a new approach to unify a university’s alumni, students, faculty and communities under a new cultural movement with a social purpose. 


Youth and Gun Culture

Designing a behavioral campaign and movement to redefine how young people view guns. 


Youth and Smoking

Creating youth involvement, activism pathways and new behaviors to change smoking-related attitudes and reduce smoking among their peers.


Youth and Sexual Assault

Crafting and refining a new movement to raise awareness of and change behaviors related to sexual abuse and harassment of girls.


Movement of Movements

Unearthing and sharing knowledge about the advancement and relationship among social movements related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), beginning with climate social action.


Cause and Social Influence

Elucidating new insights on the influences and their sources of Young America’s support for social issues and movements.


Movement Academy

Creating a new academy for cause leaders that uses experiential learning to increase movement-building knowledge and effectiveness while elevating local and regional talent.

Opioids and Prescribing Practices

Studying the feasibility of disrupting the routine prescribing of opioids to young adults.