Manifesto for leaders…


We believe the role of any leader addressing a social issue is to drive progress by finding new territory for the issue and the people affected.

Cultural and social moments are the catalysts that drive support and move society toward your goal, ultimately fueling your movement.

As a leader, you are the visionary who is always searching for the next moment where public action, new supporter participation and a broader narrative on progress converge.


You build and reinforce beliefs – a powerful factor in deepening an individual's involvement in an issue and creating an authentic sense of identity among like-minded people.


As a designer of movement and issue moments, you create an environment where supporters achieve milestones – tangibly noting forward progress and claiming your influence on public discourse around an issue.


Once this occurs, only then can your movement experience critical issue change . . . because you have shaped and strengthened supporters’ beliefs in the people and values you represent for the issue you serve.


Here’s to leading today’s movements!