What we do…

We are a movement design studio. We unify relevant research, committed partners and societal change to put an invigorated public at the center of your issue.


We are guided by and strive to build movements where: 

·     People act with and for others.

·     Companies use their voice and platform.

·     Causes motivate the public to act. 

·     Public leaders engage in meaningful dialogue.

To extend influence requires the public at the center, where they internalize and embrace the issue as their own.


That’s Where We Come In...

INFLUENCE|SG puts the public at the center of your issue with:

·     Research & Counsel

INFLUENCE|SG Movement Design

With more than two decades of research experience into social issue engagement, we lead and advise researchers globally on studies relevant to cause and public behaviors and perceptions.

·     Relationships 

Through local, national and international relationships, we shape meaningful partnerships with companies and causes to further your social movement’s goals for broader reach and resonance.

·     Creating a Moment

We bring our experience, creativity and relationships together to create a moment that galvanizes public action.